Liteon HD-A740gx macro defeat?

Hi all
Just joined the forum and just about to purchase a Liteon HD-A740GX. The question I need answering is can has anyone done the macro hack on this machine and does it work.
If so , what version of firmware is needed. I have seen it listed on here as one of the models that can be done but would like confirmation from someone who has done this before I trash my machine.

As I understand it the HD-A740gx firmware can be hacked, I can’t tell you any more.

check with Chuck44

heres one for everyone i have owned a few liteon dvd recorders with and without hard drives and have just upgraded to a HD-A760GX 250gb uk unit and was very very disappointed i went to record the discovery channel from my sky digibox and it let me record for two seconds then the message “unable to record source copyrighted” or words to that effect

i have contacted sky and they say some of their programs mainly american are encrypted at source so theres nothing they can do

so i took my unit to a friends house as he has ntl cable and i recorded discovery channel fine in fact i recorded all cable channels fine

so come on sky if the programs are encrypted at source ntl cable are supposed to buy the programs from sky so how can this be

and i am really p****d and wish i had stuck with my older 5045 160gb that didn’t have a problem with anything i tried to record

so does the 760 have some kind of macrovision or something similar in the firmware to detect these channel encryptions ?? and is their a solution ?? i have tried a couple of hacks with no luck

any information would be much appreciated

if anyone out there was thinking of purchasing one of these units i would leave well alone and get a older 5045

also forgot to mention i contact liteon and am still waiting form a reply that was a month ago so it looks like they ain’t bothered i wonder if they have to put this encryption detection into there firmware by law with new machines again i don’t know but someone might be able to shed some light on this crazy situation because if all channels start sending this encryption signal then whats the point in having the recorder in the first place !!

regards to all