Liteon HD-A740GX DVD Recorder with 160GB help and advice

hello looking for a little advice on this Liteon HD-A740GX DVD Recorder with 160GB at £229.99 is it a good buy or is it a machine that has been trouble for guys who purchased it any imfo on the subject would be great just not sure if i should go ahead and buy this thanks to any one who helps on this :slight_smile:

I have the HD-A760GX which is the 250GB version. For it’s price its hard to find a better player but you’ll have to live with some of it’s limitations. Go to and search for the HD-A760GX for a couple of reviews.

How about sharing your experience with
this machine in this thread? :bigsmile:

hello im new to tje forum i have purchased the hd a740 gx and it works great except it refuses to copy my bought dvds . seems i cannot find a way to remove the copywrite protection
any sugestions ?

Get a DVD burner for your computer, then go to
the Slysoft website and get AnyDVD and CloneDVD
because they will do what you want, but the
Lite-On A740GX will not.

Thankyou Chuck44
for you quick response , i have a dvd burner on my computer and thanks for the link

I bought the A760GX with the 250GB HD for £260 (AJ Electronics Edgware road London they have a web site cant remember it though) you can get the A740GX from for £200

Would you believe, the US version ships
with a mono tuner?
Other than that, I really like mine. :bigsmile:

Hi, anyone know how to make the HD-A740 Region Free please? I have just purchased one of these and so far am very pleased with it. I’m in the UK and over here it comes with a Nicam Stereo Tuner! Many thanks.

You can get the LiteON 740GX for £199.99 at currys or for £169.99.


Go over to the LiteOn User Group forum at The info you need is available there.