Liteon hd a740gx doesn't recognise blank dvd's



Trying to copy programs on my liteon hd a740gx, the machine won’t recognise blank dvd’s. I’ve tried different types, including single and double layer dvd’s, and rewritable of different brands.
It has done before.
And now the machine asks me to change discs before recording.

Waht can I do


Unfortunately this appears to be a known problem with this model so it’s likely to be faulty.

If it’s not under warranty you could consider replacing the DVD drive.



Hi Wombler,

Thanks for you reply. I’m afraid the model is not under warranty anymore. I do not like the idea of changing the drive myself.
Do you know of a way of copying content on either my iMac or iBook. Or to another HDD-recorder? Some of the material is TV-work of mine, I might need for a showreel.



Well I don’t actually have one of those but it should be very simple to connect your existing device to either a stand alone DVD recorder or another HDD recorder.

I doubt that you’ll be able to transfer PC ready files directly to a computer though as I’d imagine it uses it’s own format to store the files.



Hello…I am having the same problem.“INVALID DISK”.I’m wondering if this burner is compatible LITE-ON iHAP122 DVDRW DVD BURNER IDE 22X OEM or can someone please tell me which one to buy to replace it.

thanks very much.


Which exact media, which discs???


[QUOTE=chef;2524464]Which exact media, which discs???[/QUOTE]

All, of them.Verbatim dvd-r.DVD+rwDL…Same story…



Lite on has the WORST support i have ever seen.Worse than IBM.just cause it’s out of warranty BEFORE you even get a chance to talk to someone they want you to put in your credit card #.I will NOT ever ever deal with a company like that again.I’m only trying to do this for my friends’s not even my system.I know forsure the dvd burner inside is shot(laser)I’ve tried every kind of +r,-r,rw disc you can think of.the best media.always comes up “invalid disc”.So fine I’ll replace the drive for him.Can anyone please tell me what drive will fit or will they all fit and if so what is the best one to go with? .All i wanted from them is advice on what drive to buy.that’s it.can’t even talk to someone without putting in your card #furthermore they haven’t even emailed me back and it’s been a week… Worst company ever…don’t care how good there product is.
thanks very much in advance…

PS i would highly encourage anyone thinking of buying a liteon ANYTHING not to.they simply don’t deserve the business…

thanks …