LiteOn HD-A740GX and freeview




First post!!!

anyway, just got a LiteOn HD-A740GX and were wondering how to record from our freeview box? it can pick up the channels from the RF cable fine (ie. 1-5) but cannot get it to pick up the Digital Channel (i know it can only do 1 at a time ;))

anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated,



Does the freeview box have outputs other than RF? say Scart?


oh, nevermind, thanks for the reply!!!

I had the scart from the freeview to the recorder but was only getting 1-5 but I just pressed the source button and changed it to SCART (d’oh!!!)


You can set it up so that the Freeview box appears as one of the normal channels - look in the manual and follow the instructions for setting up a decoder input (see page 25). It won’t scan in all the Freeview channels but it is easier to select the Freeview input this way. I use channel 9 for my Freeview input - when you enter a VideoPlus number for a Freeview program set the GCN to 009 and it will set the recording up automatically for channel 9. You do still have to set the Freeview box up to record the right channel, though.