LiteOn hates Verbatim media!

Hi, a few days ago I was asking about upgrading my Memorex drive to a LiteOn because the speed from my new CDRs was set to 16x instead of 24x. The CDRs are Verbatim 24x Crystal+Super AZO.

I recorded a couple of CDs but the DVD LiteOn 163 has many problems with them. A lot of time reading and sometimes I have to insert them again and again.

I insert another CDR (Memorex 24x) and the drive hasn’t any trouble and the burner sets the speed again to 32x

I used to buy Memorex 24x media (slim packs to 24x) but Verbatim is supposed to be better so I bought a pack of colour disks Metal AZO. They were 16x but the recorder lets 20x. The new 24x Crystal+Super AZO gave me the problems. :frowning:

Someone else with that problem?

Verbatim Crystal 24X = Made by CMC Magnetics
Verbtim DataLifePlus Super AZO 24X = Made by Mitsubishi chemicals.

Yes, I agree Verbatim and Lite-On is not always the best combination. Depends on Lite-On drive and firmware version.

No, I’m talking about Crystal+Super AZO. They are also Mitsubishi.

I think I’ll return to my Memorex (Ritek Phthalocyanine). Nerly to 100 burnt and no problems until now. (And my recorder is Memorex so…)

Maybe I let an oportunity to Verbatim Super AZO 24x. I’ve been many time with Verbatim and my old HP 9110i with great results (nice recorder :slight_smile: )

It’s really strange. I have used always Verbatim with my LTR-24102B and i haven’t any troubles. I have used different versions of firmware and all is ok.

I guess the problem is the new ones. I had heard that Crystal CDR are bullshit before. Metal AZO always had good name.

PC-Welt tested these crystal azos (but 40x certified ones). Their tests showed that the error rate was over 1000x (!!) higher than with TDK Reflex Ultra 12x (ATIP: TDK), which gave the lowest error rates they ever saw.
Their writers for testing were LiteOn, Plextor and Benq, 40x from each.

in my town the verbatim datalifeplus are cheaper than memorex! :frowning:

i have benn using vs02 and vs06. and burn those at 32x and i get some errors and no damage but they read fine. I mostly burn SVCD and vcd. and play them in my apex 5131.

100 verbatims in a spindle is ~ $30 with tax. and tdk are ~$25 for 50 in a spindle.

i go thru about 100 cds a week.

so for me its the price that is better. once i can find a decent brand that is ritek or TY. that compares to the verbatim price ill switch. btw tdk rebates suck they take forever! :Z


I’m using the Mitsubishi Metal Azo on my Lite-On 40125S OC 48125W VS02, It’s very good! Not any problem! It’s made by Verbatim!!

Same here, I have used Verbatim CD’s in my Liteon 40x & 48 and had no problem with them at all.

With VS02, I was able to burn Ritek 32x certified media @48x. With firmware VS06, the same media from the same batch was burnt @40x.

Zero errors in both cases. Thinking of going back to VS02.

I have burned through a batch of nearly 100 “Verbatim Datalife Plus Super Azo” rated at 24x with my Lite-On 24/10/40. I was very impressed with the quality of these discs, and I went to order more. I noticed that the place that I get them from had the new “Verbatim Datalife Plus Crystal Super Azo” rated at 40x. Being cautious I only order 10 as a sample, and as it turns out I can’t set Nero higher than 16x :frowning: I have also updated to the latest firmware. When I have time I will burn one at 16x and see how it turns out, but there’s no way I’m ordering more if 16x is all I can get.

Intrestingly, the 24x says “made in Taiwan” and the 40x says “made in India”, clearly not the same factory.

Does anyone know what the deal is here? Are these really made by Mitsubishi or are they made by some 3rd party? Is there any solution to this annoying problem?

Look at the back, is they still dark blue/green color?

If they are yellowish/light green they are probably made by Moser Baer India.

Or try CD-R identifier to identify the discs…read in CD-R media forum on how to get CD-R identifier working…

Are these really made by Mitsubishi or are they made by some 3rd party?

I had bought some Mitsubishi discs recently. CDR Identifier pegged them as discs manufactured by CMC!!!

I still have some lying around since I had too many problems with other CMC discs (Marketed as Imation).

> If they are yellowish/light green they are probably made by Moser Baer India.

I’ve never seen any Verbatim DataLife made by Moser Baer. They are Multimedia Masters oder CMC (in Germany)

Moser baer use some machinery with mmm&m ATIP…

Here’s what CDR Media Code Identifier 1.63 told me:

ATIP: 97m 34s 23f
Disc Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Chemicals Corp.
Recording Layer: Dye (Long strategy; e.g. Cyanine, Azo etc.)
Media Type: CD-Recordable
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f / LBA: 359849)
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown

They are almost the same colour as the older ones, maybe a shade or two lighter but still dark green. Since these are made by Mitsubishi, is it fair to say that they are still good discs?

I burned one with Nero at 16x, and ran a CD Speed quality check which returned 0 errors. The disc plays fine in my Pioneer 16x DVD as well. Perhaps all we need is a firmware update from Liteon?

Most likely these discs is so new that the Lite-On do not know the correct speed for them.

Hopefully a firmware upgrade will fix that.