Liteon has OmniPatcher or MediaCodeSpeedEdit.. are there equivalent tools for BenQ?

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Is there an array of tweaking tools for BenQ like there is for LiteOn?

I currently own neither BenQ nor LiteOn. I have all Plextors. But to satisfy my curiosity I’ll be buying one or the other within two weeks to rule out hardware in detecting gross media errors.

I’d at least like a tool for BenQ to remove region restrictions. It seems a little unwise to override best-max-speed settings manually but I’ll reserve final judgement for a later time.

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Ther are currently two useful tools for Benq DVD burner for speed increase in reading, writing and improved performace:

  1. Media Code Speed Edite(MCSE) designed and written by one of the CDFreaks member “ala42”.

  2. QSuite2.1 designed and written by BenQ staff.

Both have seperate threads on this BenQ forum and can be downloaded and installed with noticeable performace improvement. Note: for region free there is also a tool from TDB.

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