LITEON gurus....please help

Here is my situation

I have the LITE-ON 40x/12x/48x

I tried flashing this in dos using the vs08 using MTKFLASH (i couldn’t find vs02 anywhere which a lot of people were doing).
There was an error during the process, but luckily I did a backup of my firmware. So I flashed my original firmware back onto the lite-on. Then I ran NERODRIVE INFO and now it says my LITEON reads at 12x maximum.
I decided to go on the lite-on website and get the newest firmware for my drive, hoping that would fix it. That didn’t work either.

Is there something wrong with my LITEON, and what should I DO? Thanks in advance

Did you check the media inside the drive?

How about the record and RW speed ?

Now i tried flashing vs08…successfully…but now my LITEON WILL NOT START UP AT ALL…my computer only started up when i took the power cord off the lite on…someone please help…

bought it back from the dead…so i’m back to where i’m started…Thank you GOD…my drive is still working!

Before I did any firmware updates…NERO infotool displayed 48x as the read speed, but now it displays 12x as the maximum read speed…does that mean my drive will now read at 12x???

Thank you liteonmania…you were right…THANK YOU…

When you flash, Nero sees it as a new drive, and the default indicated speed for any new drive will be 12x until you actually use it.