Liteon FW Observation

Following the recent OEM XSU1 FW find, I have noticed the following IDs based on the latest Liteon FW:

Model ID

LTR-48125W 020B
LTR-40125W 020B
LTR-40125S 020B
LTR-32125W 016B
LTR-32123S 016B
LTR-24123S 016B
FW XSU1 016B
LTR-24102B 013B

Based on the supposed chipset series, we would expect LTR-32125W to be 020B. So, this is not a HW ID as I had assumed. It may be FW code base ID, but it doesn’t explain the FW features for LTR-32125W. Still, the prospect of a “3” series drive with “5” series features is interesting… Someone needs to open one of those Polish/German XSU1 drives labelled as LTR-40125S to determine the HW.

Update: Earlier builds of LTR-40125S FW are also 016B. Even OEM drives from TDK, Iomega, etc share these codes… It seems to point to FW code base.

Ah again some intresting information from you stevem, let’s hope some of the Polish/German members can help out !

Well, now… It’s seems we’ve been re-inventing the wheel…

Both the so called “3” series & “5” series Liteon drives use the same Mediatek MT1508E/MT1516E RF Amp/Servo Encoder-Decoder, Rohm BD7902FS actuator driver & SST 39VF040 EEPROM.

In fact the LTR-40125S/W has it’s front sub-board labelled LTR-32123S & main board labelled LTR-40125S/LTR-40125W. No wonder XSU1 exists…

There should be no probs with Liteon releasing official PCAV/Mt Rainier supporting FW for the “3” series, unless there are issues with earlier revision silicon, motors, etc, or marketing…

The question is if they want to.

Originally posted by stevem
…or marketing…

Originally posted by alexnoe
The question is if they want to.

Precisely my point…

For some reason I always assumed that the “3” series had the MT1506 controller, but that must have been used for the “2” series drives. Any takers willing to remove the bottom cover off their “6” series drive…?:wink:

Edit: The recent 2S03/7 FW from LTR-48126S is also 020B base.