LiteON from Best Buy 1107HC1?

Does anyone know anything about this thing? I bought it yesterday from a Best Buy in Toledo,OH and I can’t find anything about this recorder anywhere. Its model # on the box is listed as LVW-1107HC1. It looks like the 1101-1105 models. Its says it DUAL but I have only recorded on the +RW disc that came in the box. Funny thing is Best Buy doesn’t even list it on its website. Any help will be greatly appreciated(reviews,tips,hints,hacks) . I know if anybody can shed some light on this thing I know it’s you fine poeple that post on these boards!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: THANKS!

From what I can see, the DVD recorder you have does not seem to have a valid model number, either that or you are lucky enough to have just got one as it entered the market. What makes it interesting is that LiteOn don’t even list that model on their website and they usually list what models they are getting ready to launch. :slight_smile:

What makes me suspicious about the model # is that neither LVW-1107 nor LVW-1107HC1 return any Google results at this time of writing and the only model LiteOn lists that ends with a 7 is the LVW-5007. What this basically means is that there is no information available about it, at least for now. It would be worth reading tips & tricks about the LVW-1105HC+ as chances are that both recorders share very similar features, however I would not recommend trying to load LVW-1105HC+ firmware (whether original or not) on your recorder until some information is made available about it. :disagree:

As a matter of interest, does the ‘Dual’ feature mention the word ‘layer’ after it? For example, LiteOn called their LVW-5005 a “LITEON LVW-5005 DVD Dual Recorder” in press releases which basically means that it supports both ‘+’ and ‘-’ DVD formats. :rolleyes:

First of all thanks for your response. And you are correct, it is NOT listed ANYWHERE including LiteOns website. I thought it was just me who couldn’t find answers about this recorder.
One thing I have noticed on the “Users Manual” it has LVW-1101/1105/1107*

(this is on the bottom of the manual)
which would indicate there are actually more of these 1107’s around except nobody has heard of them before.LOL!!! Wait it gets even more weird. When I went to Best Buy it didnt even have a price/sign in front of them. I had to ask an employee to check. He wasn’t sure so he had to check and came back with a price of $119.

In response to your “Dual” question it clearly states on the box that it records to DVD+/-/R/RW discs. Are you ready for this??? On the actual player though it has a green sticker just above the face/front that clearly states “THIS RECORDS TO DVD+R and DVD+RW ONLY” LOL!!! Wtf is going on? I’m lookin for a DVD-R disc to test these claims out. I’ll let you know. Oh yeah the S/N is=002549600071 and it says it was manufactured in December 2005. Thanks for help! :bow: :doh:

Oh, I forgot to mention that it does support HQ,SP,LP,EP,SLP and Just Fit(timer recording) as choices.

I had a look across several user manuals that cover the 110x (inc. HC, HC1 and GHC) as well as the 500x series. The main difference between the 5001 and 5007 is that the 5007 features a TV Guide and an IR Blaster, however like your DVD recorder, the 5007 only supports DVD+R/RW recordable discs only. So far, I have not yet worked out what is different between the models with HC and those without it and no where in the 110x manual does it mention anything like “HC models only”.

Anyway from what I gather, if your LiteOn is based on the differences between the 5001 and 5007, it seems like your DVD recorder may feature a TV Guide, but like the sticker you discovered, it may be restricted to ‘+’ media only, since the 5007 can only write to ‘+’ media. :rolleyes:

Assuming the manual that came with your DVD recorder is just an updated version of the older 1101/1105 manual, there is should be a model comparison chart near the start (Page 4 of the manual I checked). If this table is present, it may give a better idea of what is different about your model compared with the 1101 and 1105 series. :wink:

Model Comparison Chart:
VCR Plus+ Programming System=No

The same as 1105HC,1105HC1 and the 1107HC.
Thanks for your help Sean. :clap: :clap: :clap: :bow:

i too bought this at Best Buy, in NJ. it was high on a shelf, with no tag or price. i paid $118. and i found nothing about it either. i’d like to know if there is a firmware patch, or MV, reg code. any info you guys can find would be greatly appreciated.

just a quick followup, i tried a dvd-rw and it worked just fine. so i dont know why the green sticker is there for, cause it’s wrong. :smiley:

Does it have stereo tuner? Can you try to record from antenna and make sure?

now on bestbuy website:

From what I can hear, it does NOT have a stereo tuner. I’m not sure what you mean by antenna? I’ve only had it record from DirecTv and has done so just fine. Is there a reason it wouldn’t be able to record from “antenna”?

When I said antenna, I meant RF jack. I suspect none of the US Liteon’s have stereo tuners. What a shame.

Does anyone know anything about this yet? I picked it up from Best Buy a few days ago, and while it mostly works great, I can’t seem to finalize anything I’ve written to DVD with it–it just tells me to Change Disc, which doesn’t do squat for me (just to humor it, I did so the first time–just told me to Change Disc again).

Does anyone know anything, like whether or not I can apply firmware for, say, the 1105HC1 or something?


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, what type of disc are you trying to finalise?

It is only possible to finalise DVD-R and DVD+R (write-once) discs as well as DVD-RW discs formatted with quick initialisation. DVD+RW’s cannot be finalised and the same with full initialised DVD-RW’s as these can be played back straight away in another DVD recorder. :wink:

Yeah, I figured it out and was just about to post my ‘oops, nevermind.’ It was indeed a +RW, so it needed no finalization. The problem I was concerned about was that, despite the fact that it seemed to be playing fine, I couldn’t do a damn thing to rip it back to my computer (no matter what ripper I used, it always found old, erased data instead of the current titles I wanted to rip). So I figured finalization was required for proper ripping.

Still not sure why that +RW couldn’t be ripped. But I erased it in the recorder, re-recorded my stuff (I’m trying to record some Devil May Cry 3 videos from my PS2), and it worked absolutely perfectly this time. :doh:

You’d think the manual or the drive itself would be a little more clear on the whys and wherefores of this sort of thing, though. Oh well.

All that said and done, though, I’m still curious as to why this thing doesn’t seem to exist in the world of the Internet. I was in the same situation as the poster above–while browsing Best Buy for recorders that could play back MPEG-4 video, I stumbled on the un-priced, no-demo-unit box for this recorder. At the register it was $115, so I figured, hey, worth a shot. Imagine my amazement when I noted that Liteon doesn’t seem to think it exists, especially considering what you get for the price–if I were marketing this thing I’d jump right on the ads and sales and whatnot. :wink:

I am trying to connect this to a tv with only an rf input and can’t seem to get it to work. Do I have to use the AV RCA inputs and outputs? Or what channel do I put the Tv on? Please can someone help? Sorry I was hasty with this post. The Lite On website gave me my answer. I have to get on RF modulator. hope my local Radio Shack has one cheap. Though if anyone has a better solution I am still looking for a different solution. Thanks!

are you able to hack the firmware for this model?

Hi, great forum!

I recently bought the Presidian on sale at Radio Shack ($110 before $30 MIB) which I believe is actually the same as the BB unit. I’m using it in my bedroom on a TV that only has an RF input as well and also needed an RF modulator…got one at my local Walgreen’s at a very fair price. Just thought I’d mention it if you haven’t already got one.


This from the Best Buy web site:

[i]Plays back DVD, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, CD, CD-R/RW, SVCD/VCD, MPEG-4, MP3, WMA and JPEG

Build an entire DVD library by recording all your favorite TV shows, sports, movies and home videos onto nondegradable, digital-quality DVDs

Easy-Glider on-screen menu is easy to navigate

Zoom feature for added convenience

27MHz/10-bit video digital-to-analog (D/A) conversion rate; 96kHz/24-bit audio digital-to-analog (D/A) conversion rate

Dolby Digital 2-channel audio recording

IEEE 1394 DV input/output delivers fast data transfer and one-touch recording directly from your digital camcorder

Inputs: RF, IEEE 1394 DV-Link, 2 audio, composite video

Outputs: component video, 1 audio, composite video, coaxial digital audio


I would guess that it means it records in stereo, or am I wrong?

It’ll record in stereo from a stereo source, e.g., VCR, DVD, DVR when connected via the left and right stereo inputs. What’s in question is whether or not it records in stereo form the built in NTSC tuner.