LiteOn First ### 18x and 20x reading ### Sub 4 minute read of a full DVD

Well, you’re seeing it first on cdfreaks. 18x and 20x reading of DVD+R and DVD-R media in a LiteOn 20A3P drive using patched firmware. Probably the first time outside of the development labs.

A full disc can be read in 3:59. :clap: :slight_smile:

Here’s a 20x quality scan: :wink:

Wow, that looks awesome !!! Can we expect that firmware released for the wide public ?

Aww…I’m going out for a new drive today, but because the release of this drive is so limited [we still have PLENTY of A1x drives here], I can’t get it.

But this looks so SWEET! If the optics and other mechanics of the A1x drives could do this, I’d be the first one to use it.

Keep up the good work, C0de! Always making LO better. We appreciate all your hard work. :flower:

^^ What Albert said above :flower:

If this is possible for the A1x drives, I’m all over it. :slight_smile:

Oh, please, please make this public. I won’t say anything bad about Lite-On drives again. (Had traumatic experience with 832s)

ROFL! This would definitely make anyone think twice about ignoring LO drives. And as you can see, CK, your patches are like therapy. :wink:

EDIT: I just noticed: either you slightly bumped up the RPMs for 20x, or the drive just slows itself down a bit when writing, because 20x on these drives only reached just above 19x [starting at a flat 8x or so] for a full disc.

That’s fantastic COdeKing :bow:

That’s good stuff C0deKing, once again you’ve done some amazing things for the community :clap:

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… und Tschüss :cop:

I really hope this is possible with my LH-20A1P drive :iagree:


Excellent work [B]CK[/B] :bow: :clap:

The firmware is very different between the 20A1 and 20A3 series, so anything I find in one firmware is not easily ported to the other, but I’ll see what I can do with the 20A1 series after I’ve finished all of the patches for the 20A3 firmware.

20x reading in my 20A3P is incredibly reliable. I can’t find a disc that won’t read at 20x that could be read at 16x. The downside is the increase in noise level, especially at 20x. 18x isn’t much louder than 16x but 20x gets a bit of a whistle as well, at least in my drive.

Put a brick on the case so that it doesn’t fly away. :bigsmile:
Congratulations COdeKing, I’ll buy that drive when available in Italy. :iagree:

I’d like to see a such a speedhack for my Samsung S182D too :cool: :bigsmile:

Thanks for considering it, CK :flower:…and a whistle? Maybe the drive fancies you :bigsmile:


@molnart - LOL, any speed increase for the Sammies would be nice, let alone 20x :eek:



You are right :).

M2, but me for 182M :cool:

I’ll take 16x for ±R SL and 10x or 12x SL for my Sammy SH-S182M, too, hehe. Just kididng. :bigsmile:

18x on my Litey A1H is more than enough, if you could find the time for it in the future. Then it would be a good TRT drive, IMHO. :slight_smile: