LiteOn firmware

I read the review about the LiteOn 24102b, and mine is on its way. I can’t wait.

According the review it takes about an hour to read a SafeDisc2 protected cd. In the reactions section someone ( I think it was an administrator) stated that using the new firmware upgrades would cut that back down to 10-15 minutes.

My question is…What the hell is firmware? Is firmware like ‘drivers’ for the cdburner? 2nd, does firmware come with the burner…and are “upgrades” something that you have to pay for?

Have patience with me…I’m still learning!


it is the software inside your burner, just like the bios is the software inside your mainboard.

is it safe to assume that I can get upgrades for the burners at their respective websites and just download/install them?


Yes, firmware can be downloaded at the website of the manufacturer for free.

Things to consider:

  • When your drive is working fine, most of the times there is no need to upgrade your firmware.
  • Sometimes new firmwares are upgrades for a specific feature, but a downgrade for another feature (that’s because you have limited flash-rom capacity), for instance my plexwriter PXW 4220… with firmware 1.0.1 I have full subchannel access, in versions >1.01 no more full subchannel access, but I have cd-text enabled.
  • Your can make your writer unusable when something goes wrong while flashing your writer.

So you have to consider if it is worth the trouble/risk upgrading your firmware!

Good luck!


Whats the best firmware (most functional) for the LiteOn 24x? I’ll be picking mine up tomorrow…so if you could let me know that would be KILLER.


Sorry, don’t know that :frowning: But I am sure other people on this forum know the answer! Maybe you kan try the search-function of this forum first.

I’m getting one of those too.

I’d like to know if you ever find out:

Mind you I mainly burn images that I get via broadband from Morpheus.

i have the liteon 24102B and best fw yet i find is 5S07 if u have a higher fw than u can’t downgrade your firmware only with the dos version mail me if u want it or check the clonecd forum

my LiteOn 24102B burner came right out of the box with 5S54 firmware, and it has been treating me WONDERFULLY. I’m cutting through safedisc 2 in about 8-10 minutes (on the read with Clonecd) and I was able to get through SecuRom new as well…How are you doing with the 5S07? Have you tried both?

I guess for right now I dont have any reason to change firmware…I am so tickled pink with what I am accomplishing now…

You made mention to that fact that you cant “downgrade”…and also alluded to some point regarding DOS or something like that…would you mind discussing this in greater detail?


maybe you should do some more investigation on the subject of firmware… like I said earlier: if everything works fine, there is absolutely NO use in upgrading firmware and taking the RISKS while doing it! (If your upgrade fails, you can throw away your writer. If it succeeds but you don’t like, sometimes you can’t go back to an earlier version of the firmware. Etcetera!)


yeah, like I said, I don’t think I shall be changing…I’m too exhilirated with my burner as it is…

thanks for all the info…

hey now lukaspriest, hows it goin’ there? Good I hope. Say bro, Firm-
ware is the R.ead O.nly M.emory that tells the drive how it is supposed to function internally. For the “older” cd-roms you’d have to go to a “real-mode’ dos prompt outsida windows. On the newer cd-rw’s, I’ve got an liteon 161040b,the Firmware has to be run in window
s “dos box”, in win32-mode in windows. As the Firmware put on a 3.5”
disk will tell ya, “has to be run in win32”.And as far as the version of Firmware goes, usually- the newer firmware adds more functionally.
Here’s a link to a firmware site for ALL kinds of drives: . Good Luck.