Liteon firmware to do dual layered?

Is there any hacked firmware for the lite on 811s/851s that will allow you to burn dual layered dvds? and if not now, you think there will be soon?

No, and No

these drives are just to old.

aww man well that sucks, guess ill buya new dual layered one ina year

Hey are there even any current SL Liteons that could be flashed to DL? (ie: same hardware/architecture) I heard a rumour about that a while ago, never looked in to it though… (for some reason…?)


Yes… The 812s can be flashed to the DL 832s.

Well it seems some people have used code65536 lite-on 812s@832s FW hack and had luck with it. you may want to think about that. Also there is nec 2500a@2510a fw hack listed in the nec section I think.

well i jus bought this 811s, so ill jus deal with the ripping of a dual layered into two, so i can burn them to SL media

Or use DVDShrink (or equivelant)… I hear DL media is $$$$$$$ anyways.


at about $12.99 and up for dual layered blank dvd’s, i’d rather just buy the movie from the store and get the case and all. gotta wait for the price of media to drop. it should drop as more and more companies produce dual layered disks and competition for them rise. i’ll wait till dual layer drives to go up to at least 8x and the disks to drop down to somewhere around $5 or less before i buy into it. i’m pretty happy right now but ripping everything from a dvd is great also.