LiteOn firmware backup

i want to use the “LtnFW” to backup the firmware, but i don’t know where the firmware is. may anyone tell me how can i find the firmware?? thanks so much!

… it’s in the drive, but please don’t open it!
which drive model do you have?
with ltnfw you have to select the drive in the dropdown list, then select a path and filename (via browe…), mark the backup box and klick start.
for newer drives you need xsf to backup the firware, but in most cases you can download the firmware packed in a flasher from either the codeguys’ site or

the model is 1633s.
i selected the drive in the dropdown list, then i don’t know how to do with the second step. what the path and filename means? is it the place where i save the backup data? thanks!

Yes, it is.

thank so much! i made it at last!