LiteOn F/W for Sony CRX-195E1

Wich one is the most stablest f/w to use with the Sony CRX-195E1.

I just want to add support of Mt. Ranier, and it to be stable, because the writer is for my father, and i dont want him to have any problems.


If you want it to remain as stable as possible then either use WS09 or ZS0N, I think that the ZS0N firmware might be more stable than the other.

I was thinking that ZS0N would be better since it has been out longer, and that it might have been harder for Lite-ON to make the drive do Mt. Ranier and stuff or something, but I suggest using WS09

any reports of instability of those firmares???

but there seems to be no difference between the new frmwares… ZS0N and WS09. if there is, then can someone point out which is better?

i am currently on the WS09.


WS09 is newer and the guy @ Liteon worked hard to let Liteon drive match more media (less incompability media)