LiteOn eZAU422 (iHAS422) burning quality not up to snuff?

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DVD RECORDER DVD±R RW. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello,

I just got a LiteOn eZAU422, which is an external that is just the iHAS422 drive in an external enclosure. I am using TYG02 8x DVD-R media from Rima.

So I used Opti Drive Control to do a quality test, and the results can be seen below. I burned at 4x and scanned at 4x.

I downloaded the LiteOn settings utility and turned on Online Hyper Tuning, but when I ran a test with it on, it actually made it worse. In fact, the PIE max was more than double what it was before, and the number of PIE errors got to about 1/2 of what they were in the previous test before it was 20% done scanning.

So is something wrong, or am I a-ok?

I have the same burner and have not tried turning on any of the optional settings other than the bit-setting options, and thus far have been very happy with the performance.

If turning on the OHT option makes things worse, then might I suggest turning it back off?

That’s what I did. The scan you see is without OHT used in burning. I burned a 2nd test disc with it on, and the quality results were much worse.

I burned an ISO with imgburn today at 4x. I then scanned at 8x. The results are definitely better than before, but it could still be better.

the above posts are a example of being fairly ‘extremist’ when it comes to burn quality. lol (no offense)

So is something wrong, or am I a-ok?

the scans above are WELL WITHIN ‘good (maybe even great) burning quality’ … i.e. your a-ok :wink:

because the bottom line is… with those types of scans it’s unlikely that those burned discs won’t work in a lot of different devices or at the VERY LEAST, should be able to be re-read and re-burned to a different disc if need be.

but it does seem like there’s blocks of PIF’s in the first scan (but there all 2 or less :wink: ). i would try 8x burning and see what happens. but either way it’s unlikely those disc would be anywhere near close to failure. so i doubt you got anything to worry about when is all said and done and it seems from what i was told anything 4 (OR LESS) on the PIF’s is still considered ‘quality’ so your 2-3PIF stuff (which seems ALOT of burners fall in this category) i would not even come remotely close to worrying about.

p.s. WHY are you burning @ 4x anyways? … i would typically burn those TY DVD-R @ 8x… and in my opinion, there’s little to no reason to burn anything DVD-R (or +R) 8x certified (or higher) at anything less than 8x burn speed… about the ONLY stuff i burn @ 4x speed nowadays is Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4-6x cert media.

but it seems like for pure burn quality that 8x-12x is usually the best in terms of burn quality/speed ratio… although a lot of newer drives it seems like my Sony Optiarc 7240S that i just got recently can burn regular Verbatim DVD-R 16x cert media etc @ 20x burn speed and still have WELL WITHIN good/great burning quality :wink: (although i can increase burn quality ‘a little’ (and i mean LITTLE) buy droping burn speed but i figure for the MINIMAL boost in burn quality aint worth it considering i can finish burning a full 4.7GB disc in about 4min42seconds-ish @ 20x burning speed.)

and keep in mind that while those scans might not be TOP TOP SPEC by some peoples standards on this site… you have to keep in mind some of the people are really picky on this site and are basically extremist on burning quality and are not going by ‘real world’ use :wink: … which is why i said what i said.