Liteon experts wanted!

im looking into purchasing 2 liteon drives:

liteon SOHR-5239V cd writer
liteon SHM-165P6S dvd writer

i want to use the SOHR-5239V cd writer to burn excellent quality taiyo yuden cd-r’s and also to run reliable c1/c2 scans with cd-dvd speed or kprobe. i will also want to use this drive for excellent quality audio ripping/extraction and cd playback.

as for the SHM-165P6S dvd writer, i will want to burn excellent quality taiyo yuden dvd±r’s and run reliable pie/pif scans with cd-dvd speed or kprobe. this drive will also be used for dvd ripping/extraction and dvd playback.

judging by the information above, are these 2 drives capable of meeting my expectations? :confused: also, i will be using nero 7 as my burning program (if this information helps).

any feedback from you guys is appreciated :bow:

the 165H6S is riplocked, it may take a while to rip a dvd, but it’s excellent for any other tasks. the cd-writer is also a good choice.

nero v6.6.1.4 is a very mature release. v7 is :Z

I can basically second that, though I’ve not had near so many issues with v7 as some. I own a SHM-165H6S which I believe is more or less the drive you’re considering with LightScribe and DVD-RAM support (I could be a little off here, haven’t looked up stats on the P6S) and several slightly older LiteONs, and this drive is the best I’ve seen from them thus far for speed and quality burning. Not much ripping experience, but no issues there.


ive heard lots of great reviews for the SHM-165P6S, so that will be my dvd writer and scanner :iagree:

but how about the SOHR-5239V cd writer? i want to see how many people think its a good cd writer and scanner. or maybe just a good scanner? there arent too many reviews in the forum.


at least this drive is a much better CD writer than SHM-165P6S :wink:


For the SOHR-5239V, have you seen this thread? There don’t seem to be many issues with the drive. The Sony 48x certified media only being burned at 32x seems to be a (quality) limitation/glitch of newer drives, possibly depending on how the manufacturer deems the discs burn in that drive; my SOHW-1693S burned them at 48x; my old LTR-52327S at 52x; my BenQ DW1640 at 32x max. Taiyo Yuden discs do, however, burn at the full 48x maximum speed and (even on a marginal burner like the SOHW-1693S) burn well, so there shouldn’t be any issues :iagree: . (It even appears that, alongside a good ripping program, you would get the best DAE. Make sure you use a program like EAC that benefits from the drives features and overcomes any limitations.)

I hope this helps :wink: .

There is very little going on in CD burner land now that DVD is prevalant. From what I have read, after the Plextor Premium (no longer available), the Liteon series of CD burners was the next best choice.

There is a new Plextor CD-RW burner called the Plextor PlexWriter Premium2.

Official European product page: PlexWriter Premium2

Discussion thread in CDF Plextor forum: Plextor releases the Premium2 CD-RW !

The Plextor drives cannot perform quality scans with CDSpeed or KProbe, but you can use PlexTools Professional (or XL) instead, and unlike DVD scanning, Plextor drives are just as fast as other drives for scanning CD media.

I haven’t followed discussions about the PlexWriter Premium2 closely enough to know if and when it’s going to be available in America.

That’s why I didn’t mention it; that and the outrageous price.