LiteON eTAU108 (noob question) DVD ROM & BitSetting



Hello all,
i recently bought the LiteON eTAU108 - 02. im learning that it can’t write DVD ROM and it was one of my requirements when I chose the burner (duh!)

Now I’ve been researching a little (im not 100%) but I think that if I use the LiteON Book Type Utility 1.35 to set the bit setting to DVD ROM, that will work and allow me to write DVD ROM, is my assumption correct or have I misunderstood ?


allow me to write DVD ROM

That’s impossible. DVD-ROM media are pressed not burned.

LiteON Book Type Utility allows you to config the drive so DVD+R media can be “marked” ( booktype ) as DVD-ROM.

This feature enhances compatibility with old/picky players .