LITEON eSEU206 Blu-Ray combo drive review



I just posted the article LITEON eSEU206 Blu-Ray combo drive review.

MyCE is proud to present a full review on the LiteON eSEU206 portable Blu-Ray combo drive. The LiteON eSEU206 can read Blu-Ray disc at 6x also read and write DVD’s and CD’s at a maximum speed of 8x and 24x. Continue reading to find out more about the eSEU206

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Thank you, will have a look!

Any chance you could post a firmware dump please?

For info, there’s a firmware update UL16 available for this drive.


I will dump the firmware tomorrow, also i will try the newer firmware.


Does your eSEU206 support bus encryption? Thanks!



The answer is yes

Info for drive [E:] (DVDFab
Vendor: Slimtype
Product: eSEU206 2
Revision: UL14
Vendor specific: 2011/03/15 07:54
Drive region control: RPC II
Drive region: Not set
AACS version: 1
Number of concurrent AGIDs: 2
Supports bus encryption: YES
Supports binding nonce generation: NO

No disc in drive.



The answer is yes[/QUOTE]



Can we change this firmware to RCP1?