Liteon EB1 6X External BD burner, UHD 4K compatible

Thought they had abandoned this market!

Has this piece of hardware every been sighted in the flesh?

It’s from PLDS:

Hardware Pioneer SAT-8A10. It looks like a Pioneer BDR-UD04 clone.

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Thanks for the pointer to the thread on your forum. Fascinating.

So the question is: is LiteOn OEM-branding a drive that they are already producing for Pioneer, or are they truly out of the BD business altogether and a third source is manufacturing for both?

It is definitely produced at the Pioneer factory in China.
Identical clones of this Pioneer SAT-8A10 hardware design (Pioneer BDR-UD04) are on the Buffalo BRUHD-PU3-BK Ultra HD Blu-ray and Logitec LBD-PUD6U3L \ LBD-PVA6UCVBK Ultra HD Blu-ray models

This drive would be interesting if LiteOn makes an own firmware, but doesn´t look like so.

My Asus SBW-06D2X-U 1.03 is a rebadge of Pioneer BDR-UD03ASW, it is a stable writer but I prefer the LG BU40N if I want a slimdrive with a very good writing quality

This model is getting terrible reviews for construction quality and the stability of the USB socket which leads to frequent unwanted disconnections.

Is it that bad? It isn´t available in Germany.

I have an eBAU 108 6, which works flawless at reading but it seems to disconnect during writing (only?). Mostly it works for some GBs, but a full SL is rarely sucessfull, a full DL almost impossible.

Was never a problem with other external drives I have

Now it´s available. And it´s much cheaper than the external versions from Buffalo.

The question is, if inside the casing the normal internal drive which can be also used in other cases?

I’ve been following the reviews on various sites. The complaints fall into two categories:

  • The USB connector/cable/both are loose and unreliable
  • The bundled software for viewing UHD Blu-Rays does not work.

The first complaint can be remedied by removing the drive, if it is possible. One reviewer stated point blank that this is a Pioneer drive in a generic enclosure, but have not seen a teardown or actual experience with doing so.

The software complaint accompanies each and every UHD drive ever offered for sale. People are trying to play content that their hardware does not support, and the bundled software goes out of date before the discs are even duplicated.

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UHD-software seems to be a big problem. The hardware-requirements are awful (only some Intel-CPUs/iGPU are supported) and the software-selection seems also awful.

Maybe UHD itself is the problem.

But I´m more interested in the drive-hardware so the UHD-section isn´t important for me

BTW, on the LiteOn-HP I read this:

(UHD 4K software not included)

Minimum (PC) System & Software Requirements as follows:
1.Select Intel® 7th Generation Core™ i5/i7 processors (models: i5/i7-7400 and above)
2.Intel HD Graphics 630 chipsets
3.HDR, HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0a compatible motherboards with Intel SGX support
4.Monitors or displays with 4K resolution support
5.Latest playback software (such as Cyberlink PowerDVD18). Sold separately.*

And it support 6x Write on DVD ROM :crazy_face: