Liteon EB1 6X External BD burner, UHD 4K compatible


Thought they had abandoned this market!

Has this piece of hardware every been sighted in the flesh?


It’s from PLDS:


Hardware Pioneer SAT-8A10. It looks like a Pioneer BDR-UD04 clone.


Thanks for the pointer to the thread on your forum. Fascinating.

So the question is: is LiteOn OEM-branding a drive that they are already producing for Pioneer, or are they truly out of the BD business altogether and a third source is manufacturing for both?


It is definitely produced at the Pioneer factory in China.
Identical clones of this Pioneer SAT-8A10 hardware design (Pioneer BDR-UD04) are on the Buffalo BRUHD-PU3-BK Ultra HD Blu-ray and Logitec LBD-PUD6U3L \ LBD-PVA6UCVBK Ultra HD Blu-ray models


This drive would be interesting if LiteOn makes an own firmware, but doesn´t look like so.

My Asus SBW-06D2X-U 1.03 is a rebadge of Pioneer BDR-UD03ASW, it is a stable writer but I prefer the LG BU40N if I want a slimdrive with a very good writing quality