Liteon & Easy CD Creator

Why won’t Easy CD Creator recognize Liteon 24102B (frmware revision 5S07? Likewise, other burning softwares like Musicmatch or Windows Media Player won’t recognize Liteon. Is there a solution for this? Thanks for your help.

What version of Easy Creamator (I mean Creator lol) are you using?
Perhaps using the latest version will help in that solution (as newer builds support newer drives).
Your drive isn’t that new, but think of it as luck… for EZ CD isn’t known for quality (at the very least) lol.

I would suggest you go to some other mastering suite instead.
Am not going to bother posting my choice for you (as am sure the board is already filled with topics on this), but there are plenty better

i have had the liteon 24102b since soon after it was released and i use ezcd cremator for practically all my mastering and multisession needs. as shadoe says you should go to and update your software. the 24102b has been supported by this software for some time now.

if your drive isn’t recognized by any software as you mention then there must be a problem with the drive itself.