Liteon Dvdrw Sohw-1633s

Can anyone please help me!!! As of this evening my dvd drive will not play any cd at all, only will let me play dvd’s and burn a dvd, i have tried updating the driver, and it says no need, already a perfect match. I am at my wits end, wont play anything, dics for fones, programme discs, music cds!!! Any help would be really appreciated!!!



Hello Paula, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

Can you try booting with you Operating System disc in the LiteOn? This will eliminate Windows/any software as a culprit.

You may have to change the boot sequence in your PC’s BIOS to boot from the DVD burner first.

If it can’t boot from a CD, there’s a good chance the CD part has died.

Ive no idea wot that means!!! god im brain dead!!!