Liteon DVDRW 1633S - Urgent help needed


I’m having huge problem with my DVD writer at this moment. I was hoping that I can solve this problem here. So I have the liteon dvdrw SOHW-1633s. Everything burned smootly but yesterday I made the biggest mistake of my life. I’ve went over to the liteon site and downloaded the newest firmware and installed it. Since then almost every dvd came out all fucked up. :cuss2: If i put the dvd back into the drive, the drive can’t read it. I;ve eventried with the dvd player. Same result. Can somebody help me?

Belongs in the Liteon section… where much help will be found

Not sure if they are alredy “flashfixed” to enable reverse flashing - if not, the a binary and LTNFW should do it.

What did you go from/to?
It shouldn’t happen, but some medias do take a serious tumble in quality from one firmware to another - or the update just didn’t “take” properly.

So it’s a case of going back, or going the crossflash route to 1653S - if the drive is still in warranty, and has a problem from an official firmware update, it may be better to persue that route before fiddling.

thx a lot. it helped a lot. The dvds are correctly burned now. But smth is still confusing me. Normally it takes to write a dvd in 8 min (8x). Now it takes 10 minutes. How come? CDr kept writing at a speed of 16x. Normally it would go over the 16x

Uh sorry for the double post here :slight_smile:
I’m having the problem again. It seems like switching over to the original firmware doesnt help that much. I think there’s a problem with the lead-in phase. Normally the lead-in shouldnt take a minute or so. Now it takes a minute or two. Any help here?

Interesting… I have to check out the link above… may be back…
Anyway, I just did the same thing with the same drive (had 8x DVD+R media ID’ing as generic 4X, so “upgraded” firmware)… and similar result… also it refuses to see blank CD media now… ID’s a blank CD-R as a burned CD-R closed with a single 0 byte track! I think I was definitely better off not touching anything.
I’m going to go mess around with the codeguys (thanx Matth), see what I can accomplish. L8r dudes!