LITEON DVD8900/DW1670 problems :(


I’m making a new computer for a friend, and he wanted a DVD-RW so I bought this one due to it being on special offer at the time. I’m using Windows Media Center and when I first put a CD in the drive, I would get the error:

Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed

Anyway I fix that at first changing the Transfer Mode to PIO in device manager and now it reads disks fine. However it doesn’t show the CD’s custom Icon when I insert a cd, it just shows one like:

I did a windows update and uninstalled the drive then it recognised the drive as a BENQ DC DW1670, and appears as a DVD-RAM drive in my computer, so I revert it to “DMA if Available” in Device Manager instead of PIO, it read disks fine now, but I still get the funny CD icon. If theres no CD in the drive I just get a normal Drive icon like usual.

I could live with it, if it was my computer but seeing as its someone elses, I don’t want to give it them half baked. Please could someone help me out, would it be a motherboard/bios or windows problem or could it be the drive? I don’t want to void the warranty incase I need to send it back.

Just to note, I installed a Sony CD-RW (don’t know which one) and it worked fine and shows the CD’s custom icon. however if I insert a new CD it keeps the icon of the old CD even if I refresh the page. This makes me think it could be to do with the motherboard/windows.

I’d be really gateful if someone could help me, I’ve tried numerous forums and recieved no replies :frowning:

The specs of the machine are:
3400+ AMD sempron 64
MSI K8MM3-V with onboard VGA + audio
160GB Maxtor HDD

The link to the drive I bought is here:

Sorry that this isn’t an answer, but if the drive works fine and the worst of your problems is a missing/incorrect icon, I would not worry about it.

It would be kind of annoying to have that icon their all of the time in my computer when you have a disk inserted though, I certainly wouldn’t expect it in a new computer

You might want to do an internet search on something like ‘changing drive icon’, I know there are free programs and registry adjustments you can make to change the icons, while that might not be the most appropriate way of ‘fixing’ the problem it may be a solution. Also, sometimes programs that get installed can mess up settings for certain icons so I suppose that’s a possible cause.

Sorry I musn’t have explained it properly, The Drive itself has a propper icon:

But when I insert a CD with an autorun file which points to a .ico file, for the CD’s personal icon/logo which should show in my computer when you insert the disk it just displays an icon ike:

When I insert blank media, it shows the correct blank CD/DVD icon:

It just seems to be having problems displaying .ico files on the disks. I have just tried burning a CD, and it worked fine and was prety fast, I’m going to try burning one with an autorun file and a custom .ico to see if it displays the correct .ico on the cd.

I also just put the drive in another computer, and its doing the same thing. I don’t think it can be another program messing it up as I only have installed windows and drivers, nothing else the HDD is only filled with 3+ gig and thats windows.


I just removed the drive and put another drive in, inserted my windows disk (which is genuine, nice gold shiney holography lol) and I get a LOGITECH?! logo instead of the windows logo! The logitech is for the wireless keyboard which i used a few hours ago.

Its as though its not updating the icon or something - its rather bizare… PLEASE I realy need help :frowning: (PS sorry about the stretched screenshots, Im testing computer on a widescreen tft and mobo dont support it)

I understand better now - well showing the normal disc icon(s) is good (you probably explained it just fine, my fault for not reading more closely :stuck_out_tongue: ). I don’t really know what to tell ya, maybe driver related but hopefully someone that has experience with this sort of issue can provide some advice. Have you tried it with other discs with their own autorun .ICO files?

I thought it may be driver related… but after trying out another drive, it seems to be even more messed up with that… does this mean its a motherboard/ata/ide/windows problem?
Then again, my other computer didn’t pick up the drive icon using the new drive… omg… so confusing lol


going to install windows again, I really can’t see it fixing the problem as my other computer had the same prob with it. But I cant think of anything else to do, I’ve installed all drivers for my motherboard and updated them, updated bios, done windows update… everything… but I suppose installin winxp again is the only thing I can think of :frowning:

Is autorun turned on? If not, turn it on and try again. Just as it doesn’t run any autorun files if it’s turned off, it may not be looking for the .ICO file. (?)

I thought similar however autorun appears to be on and working, if I insert a disk it autoruns fine - still really confused on why its showing a logitech logo when inserting any disk now with the other drive :S

Not sure, although I’ve had similar buggy issues with displaying wrong icons before, I never paid much attention to it and it seemed to be only a brief issue (probably resolved on a restart but I never paid much attention to it as I said so I’m not sure). I will say one thing, I doubt that the drive is to blame, although I also have a couple of Benq 1670’s and they’ve been odd-behaving at times such as the fact that they won’t rip as fast as they’re supposed to (the read speed tests with a utility such as Nero CD-DVD Speed are full speed yet ripping contents from the same discs are performed about 1/3 slower).

P.S. - just did a quick Yahoo search and I found this link which describes a similar problem for someone - link - scroll down to about post #28

Well, I can’t tell what it is, as using the drive in another computer results in the same issue. However using another drive in this new computer which im building also has the issue. So it can’t be anything to do with the new computer cuz its happening on another computer, and im not sure if its to do with the drive because its happening with my other drives…

I just… dont know what to do, and I really cant be bothered installing windows again because I know it won’t fix the problem :frowning:

~hunts for another drive to test~


Thanks for the link, I hope to god it can resolve my problem ~stressing out~ lol

I’m not suggesting that Service Pack 2 is in any way the solution as I know it normally would work just fine without it and older versions of Windows for that matter, but if you haven’t installed it yet then you may want to go ahead and do it. With the amount of updates done maybe it would resolve some underlying issue, and you wouldn’t be going through the hassle of reinstalling XP.

Don’t stress out, if he/she asks just tell them some BS about turning off autorun :stuck_out_tongue: (and the custom icons in the process). I’ve gotten used to the fact that Windows is destined to act up in one way or another. While I usually research for hours for a solution like you are, sometimes I just end up saying ‘screw it’ to minor annoyances like this.

service pack 2 came on the windows insatallation disks and thats been installed, I just looked on microsofts website and read this…

Additional Information
There are two other registry keys that can affect this functionality:
NoDriveTypeAutoRun = 0x00000095

NoDriveTypeAutoRun = 0x00000095
The correct value for each is 0x00000095.

Ichecked them and mines set to oxoooooo91 (145), could changing it to what they suggest mess up the computer? I don’t really dabble in the registry much.

Lol yeah I thought about saying

“With it being a super duper high speed DVD-RW and RAM and CD-RW then it doesn’t understand CD logo’s but the benefit out of it is great!”

hmm… lol speaking of which im not even sure if it writes to dvd’s yet I havent even tested it and dont think I have any blank ones left, nor do I know if its capable of it lol its coming up as DVD-RAM drive, whats dvd-ram? I’ve heard of it but haven’t a clue what it is/does

My 1670’s display as DVD-RAM as well, it supports up to 5x DVD-RAM read/writing. DVD-RAM is a rewriteable format that functions much like a hard drive, while the media is more expensive than DVD-RW and +RW, it’s a much more secure/stable/safe format. The media is more stable, it can be rewritten MANY more times, and data is verified as it is written. Bad sectors, such as those caused by scratches, are automatically marked as bad and not written to. Great format but not as universally supported as other formats, it’s popular with some standalone DVD Recorders though and it’s the best format for frequent data backups.

Ah thats interesting, especially the not writing to bad sectors part.

I just found a CD that works…

1 out of 10+ disks :S

Here’s a link to info on Autorun, some of it relates to how the .ICO files are recognized. link Maybe you can open the Autorun.inf file of that CD that worked and see what makes it different from the other discs that aren’t working.

Thanks I’ll have a read :slight_smile: I suppose like you say, if its just the icons then I’m sure it wont bother him too much. I wouldn’t be mithered if it was mine I think its just with it being someone elses I want it to be perfect for them seeing as they’ve paid me.

No doubt I’ll continue looking for the answer even after I’ve given the computer to him - its just what I’m like lol

I was just comparing the autorun files, I’m going to make a list and test say 10 cd’s and see if theres something in common.

Well I just created an autorun file with the contents


and the result?

:D… I’m thinking it may be that all my CD’s I’ve tried are… crap or scratched or something although they do work on other drives. I’m happy now seeing as my autorun worked so if he blames anything - I’ll just give him my autorun cd lol