Liteon DVD

Ok guys im new to all this so be gentle with me please, im nto sure if this is the right place to post this but…

On the back of my Liteon DVD there are some extra jumper pins at the end, now on sone DVD readers I have heard that you can put a jumper accross some of these pins to disable the region settings, is this true on the Liteon, and if so which pins

No that won’t work. And RPCDE is much easier to use :slight_smile:

Pin on the back of the drive is for assigning master/slave/cabel select. Like said, you can region free your lite-on DVD easily w/ RPCED. Check out this thread made earlier for all the info. BTW, you’ll also need a software region free prog for viewing out of region DVDs, RPCED only takes care of the hardware part. Google for RegionKiller. It’s made by the CloneCD folks, and it’s free. But you’ll have to have CloneCD installed.

Many thanks for the replys folks, its appreciated,
Stoner, its not those jumpers im on about, there are another set right at the end of the DVD drive, but ill stick with using RPCED
many thanks again folks