LiteOn DVD writer - CDR problems



Hi, just bought a liteon DVD Writer and can’t get it to write to a CD-R. I understand there are settings I need to change but don’t know where to find the setting. Can anybody help?


What burning software are you using, and what happens when you try to burn to a CDR?

Does it read CDRs OK (burned or commercial, doesn’t matter)?


I have a new vista with a 1 burner that goes to my hard drive. I bought a liteon and added it to the f drawer. When I try to write to the f drive It tells me its not the right cd, it needs a dvd. I am assured it will write to a CD-R but I can’t find out how to change the settings.


Yep, it should write to CDR without any tweaking :iagree:

What size is the file you’d like to burn? Could be that it’s too big for CD, so the software is asking for DVD media.


I was just trying it out and used a small program alreadsy on a cd. It could not be to big.