Liteon DVD Write problem

Hi, i have purchased Liteon DVD writer Model SOWH-1653SX02C
I am using Nero OEM shipped with it on Window XP SP2. It fail to write the
The CD and DVD. It start writing and after 3 Percent its HAngs.

Can any one help me. I also try to download the latest patch from nero it not work for me.

Waiting for help…

Have you updated your firmware?

Hi, thanks for response i have not updated the firmware. where can i find that firmware?

Try here - if the link doesn’t work - just got to and search for your drive.

Have you tried the drive on another computer, i have seen hangs happen due to power supplies as well as software problems. Your best bet is to try it in another system. Also try disconnecting a few things in your current system see if that fixes anything when trying to burn.

It work on windows 2000

hey updating the firmware also not help

^^Which media are you using? Try some other media, good DVD+R discs will work well on that drive.

hey its nothing to do with media type.
Can u help me how to update the firmware of the drive. When i upload the firmware it say its programming after 100 % it freezed . Nothing happens.
DOn’t know whats problem

first need to know what the system is, OS, motherboard chipset, dvd drive firmware, IDE Driver installed, other drive’s connected to the same ide channel, what version of NERO OEM. Then people can help, :slight_smile: