Liteon DVD vs Liteon CDRW for creating images?

I was just wondering which would be better for reading/creating images to backup protected games CDs. Is one better than the other, or are they both the same? Also, would the software (BlindWrite, CloneCD, Alcohol) affect this?

Any bit of info appreciated. Thanks.

My guess is the CDRW since it has more precise mechanism and read head. I usually make image w/ and burn using the same lite-on CDRW for games. For CDs, it’s on-the-fly from lite-on dvd to cdrw.

it’s a fact that the dvd163 has poor error correction when reading cd’s and dvd’s.
it’s also a fact that my ltr 40125s is better than my plextor 121032e at reading scratched media.

use the cdrw.
hopefully liteon have improved the newer dvd models.