Liteon DVD-RW SHW-160P6S *problems*

ok so ive had this burner for about a year, and just today i tried to burn an iso do a dvd5, and so i start ,put the blanks dvdr5 in the burner start the burning software, matter of fact tried it with a few sofwares, clone cd , nero , and imgburn, and CDBurnerXP Pro 3, to which all give me this error,

“media is not present” or “media is full” and trust me its not, its brand new meida, i also tried some DVD+RDL media and still same thing, its kind driving me insane to say the least ! thanks guys ,any help greatly apreciated ! :bow:

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If it worked before i think it’s dead but to be on the safe side…try it in a friends pc and see if it works there.

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One question - do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed?

I ask because there’s a setting in both that makes burning software think writable media is read-only.

Forgot about that :doh:

Hehe, might not even be the problem, but I figured it’s worth asking :slight_smile:

i do have them installed, but i installed alcohol 120 after the fact, and i dont have deamon tools at all ! soo dunno

In that case, rolling’s suggestion of trying it on another PC might be worth a shot.

Just to make sure, go into Alcohol’s settings, and make sure “Ignore Media Type” isn’t checked. :slight_smile:

“Ignore Media Type” isn’t checked. , so i guess im left with checking it on another pc huh :frowning: