LiteOn DVD-RW firmwares for several DVD writers- match more media

I just posted the article LiteOn DVD-RW firmwares for several DVD writers- match more media.

Thunderace1k used our news submit to tell us
there are some new firmwares out for the following LiteOn drives.
firmware releases for:

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damn the match more media. Can’t someone write a changelist?

There are a few DL discs that have been added, don’t know about anything else

Usually they improve some writing strategies for various discs and add new media support.
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They could always change the “match more media” to “does exactly what it says on the tin”. Those people in the UK will know what I mean.

It is a shame they do not update the firmwares of the #11S series. They are letting those customers down! :frowning:
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I agree, I have an 811S and am utterly disappointed by Lite-on. My drive does not burn the majority of media. Have spent a lot of money on coasters. I have never had any trouble int he past until I bought this drive. It is useless and Lite-on’s reputation is going in the trash along with it! They have become a shit company.

I like LiteON CD-RW drives, but after reading about the fiasco which is their DVD writers, I have bought an NEC ND-2510A. Brilliant drive, no problems. Ciao Chris

My 811S is now seven months old,if LITEON is not prepared to support this drive anymore, are they willing to offer an upgrade to the masses that bought the said drive? I think us owners of the 401/811 should bombard LITEON with Emails letting them know what we do think of their policies regarding firmware upgrades and support for 401s/811s etc.etc.

About 10 new media codes were added for US0Q/VS0A, compared to US0N/VS08, including the popular new Ritek +R DL (one of the first firmwares to officially support this disc type). TS09 doesn’t match new media, but has quality tweaks. And this news article also neglects the new 9S15 and 4S05 firmwares for the 167T and 5238S.

“including the popular new Ritek +R DL” very popular, I’ve seen a load of those in the shops… :stuck_out_tongue: £6.99 for a single DL disc, and they’re not in stock yet