LiteOn DVD RW 1633S



Hi, I have a dvd rw model 1633s and this thing is not reading nor burning any CD at all (CD- + R, CD- + RW), it reads and burns DVDs any type that i have, but i don’t what to do about this, i already upgraded the firmware and still doesn’t read anything…

Anybody knows what i can do about this problem ???

Help please!!!


@ cenp

Welcome to our forum. Unfortunatelly the only solution to this problem is to swap your drive, hope you still have warranty. There are many threads about this, this is one of them:
Did the problem occur after a never ending lead-out, while writing a cd?

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well yes, like everybody else who has this dvd rw… i couldn’t abort an cd-rw burning process, so i couldn’t shut windows so i had to reset it by pressing the button on the case, and VOILA!.. This s*** won’t ever read a cd again… really god job by LITEON, should’ve read this forum before buying it but unfortanely i didn’t, thought it was a good brand cuz dell, compaq and all of those companies use their optical drives on their PCs… anyways, thx for the help, will see if i can returned but it’s kinda complicated cuz i live in south america, nice, i bought in usa from



@ cenp

Good luck swapping your drive. Hope you get a better one. Another reason for me to stick to Nero The new firmwares CS0K and CS0M with the newest Nero versions and should also work better.

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