hi am going to buy a LiteOn DVD-ROM,And I need help to which one do I buy, I need it for fast riping,and the store the I will buy it don’t Accept refund so please I will really appreciate sum help



the newest would be the 166S, so u should look for that. the 165H has the same listed capabilities but a few less improvements compared to the 166S, so it could be somewhat cheaper if u want to save money.


but do you know if wiht 166S i will be able to riping my dvd’s to my harddrivre, more fast the 2X?

btw thanks for u help


The LTD-166S is not rip-speed limited.


The LTD-166S is not rip-speed limited.

woot i just backup my frist movie wiht LiteOn and i take me just 10min to riping to my harDrive:p

before it take me 45min