LITEON DVD-ROM SOHD-167T and K's Probe


I have LG DVDRW recorder (4082B), I’m happy with it, but I can’t run K’s Probe to test the quality of the burnt discs.

So I thought to myself - would a cheap Lite-ON DVD-ROM (SOHD-167T) read all DVD ±RW media and work well with K’s Probe? I could buy it and be happy testing my DVD’s quality.

But I saw this:

Is it true that SOHD-167T won’t read DVD-R(W)?



It should read -R/W just fine. Haven’t personally tested it, but I’ve seen other people post their -R/W reading results. Also, it doesn’t make sense for LiteOn to break - compatibility aftering having maintained it so well for so long. :slight_smile: I think that what you saw in the article was most likely a typographic error.

You must have meant this:

ATAPI / E-IDE Half-Height internal DVD+R / DVD+RW / DVD-ROM / CD-R / CD-RW / CD-ROM combination drive

It doesn’t mean the drive cannot read DVD-R and DVD-RW discs. Don’t worry about that.

The thread title says “LITEON DVD-RAM…” when your post says about Lite-On DVD-ROM drive, a typo maybe. (I clicked this thread to see what LiteOn DVD-RAM was supposed to mean.)

I apoligize for the typo. Of course it should be “Lite-On DVD-ROM”.
(I’ve been testing my first DVD-RAM (no typo here) disc - that’s why it’s stuck in my mind).

It’s good to know that SOHD-167T should read DVD-R(W).

But I’ve heard of another possible problem - some say you can’t set the read speed on this drive, which is supposed to be necessary for proper K’s Probe usage. Is that true?



That is true. It is not recommended that you use DVD-ROM drives with KProbe. The results can often differ wildly from what you would get if the disc were to be read with a DVD writer.

I don’t know well about K-Probe but K-Probe was designed to run with Lite-On DVD writers, not DVD-ROM drives. Why is it so, I don’t know. Lite-On LDW-851S is very cheap anyway, not that much more compared to SOHD-167T.

I thought, maybe I could use it with Nero CD Speed 3.x…
It is listed as one of the supported drive (PI/PO):

I wouldn’t really want to buy another DVD burner just to test the quality of the first one :confused:



It’ll work. It’s just that the results won’t be as useful.