Liteon dvd rom problem!

I have, a liteon dvdrom, 163D, im trying to make the dvdrom region free, does anyone know where i can get a patch/firmware update, so that the drive is region free. I got one chance left before it stays standard, any suggestions, advice would be appreciated,

cheers guys.

Yep download a small utility here.

It’s not a patched firmware but a small program that allows you to totally switch off the region counter, and the drive will act as regionfree.

Unzip the files.
In real dos mode type:

R1211 x OFF

Where x is a number on where the drive is connected:

Primary Master: 1
Primary Slaver: 2
Secondary Master: 3
Secondary Slaver: 4

It must be connected to one of these locations and not on a standalone IDE controller.

by standalone, you mean IDE card or something? or something different, sorry just not sure what you mean.
thanks for your help though mate.