Liteon dvd rom issue

I recently purchased an edgedupe 1:1 duplicator, it comes with a Liteon dh-16d2p dvd rom and a pioneer 112 writer.

my problem is I have bought a load of prodisc F01 dvdr’s, which burn fine in my new macbook at 2,4,8 speed, but if I take the burnt disc and put it in the duplicators dvd rom it wont duplicate it as the 16d2p can read the size of the disc.

This is very weird as I have an older liteon 167T dvd rom that reads the burn discs fine, surelly newer liteon products should be more compatible :sad:

I dont know what to do, the d2p is a newmodel and their are no new firmwares yet.

any ideas

Is this a TYPO or???

no its the new d2p

its firmware is hp53

I would report it to LiteOn’s support department.

They put lots of “new” -rom drives in the market. How Long has it been since D1P was released? Maybe 10 months?
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