LiteOn DVD-ROM 163 slower speed FW

Hi to all!!!

In the codeguys’ site :bow::bow::bow: I found “slower speed” FW for DVD 165H, 166, but unfortunately no 163 drive.

I have a 163 drive in my multimedia PC(TV) and I always have problems with drive noise.
I use DriveSpeed for CD’s but for DVD+R (with DVD-ROM bitset) it does not work :sad:… And sure having the max speed set inside FW is better (no CDSpeed use)…

Is it possible to do a “slower speed FW” for a 163 DVD-ROM drive?

Thanks a lot :bigsmile:!!!

P.S.: (technical question for codeguys) Just for fun, by binary comparing the stock 165H FW and the slower one, I found the 2 changed speed bytes. If I want a different speed (maybe even slower) may I just change the bytes’ values to the speed I want?

you can slow down your drive with anydvd or similar utils. just google.