Liteon DVD region?

My Liteon DVD region is not specified so I can’t play certain DVD’s on it. Do I need to flash the BIOS or something?

Model LTD-166S and the Spiderman DVD if that helps. Thanks!

No. I assume your 166S is region free?

If you have CloneCD, install RegionKiller and start it before you start PowerDVD or WinDVD. If not, use DVDGenie.

I used Region Killer, Check drive regions - it says -

Drive not region free!
Current region: Not set.

I tried to run the same DVD and it still will not run (PowerDVD). How do I nset the region/region free?

This is a brand new drive but I don’t remember having to set the region on my last DVD drive.

Download RPCDE2 over at

Works great now! Thanks!