Liteon DVD recorder - wachting while recording


I have bought a Liteon HDD/DVD Recorder, model LVW 5025, and connected my telewest cable box (via scart) and TV arial to it correctly as per the instructions.

However when I record a TV channel onto the HDD I cannot access the any cable box channels. How do you switch to the cable box connected via the
scart socket? There is a ‘source’ button on the remote control but that does not bring anything up on screen.

I have no trouble recording from the cable box and then watching a different TV channel, surely you should be able to do the reverse .

Any help would be appreciated


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From what I am aware of, it is not possible for the Lite-On to go into an AV pass-through mode while recording a TV channel. I’m not sure how many Scart outputs are on your cable box as from what I recall, most have two Scart sockets on the back - One for connecting directly to the TV and the other for connecting to a VCR (or in this case a DVD recorder).

If your TV has a 2nd Scart socket on it, connect another Scart lead from the ‘TV’ output of the cable box to your TV and connect the existing one to the DVD recorder to its ‘VCR/Aux’ socket. If your Cable box only has a single output, a Scart splitter will do the trick.

Unfortunately, if your TV has only one Scart input, you may need to use a Scart switch to select between the DVD recorder and the TV-output (or split output) of your cable box. On the other hand, you would only need to flick the switch if you wish to watch cable while making a recording a TV broadcast.

One last suggestion (assuming your cable box has two Scarts) would be to connect the VCR/Aux of your Cable box to the Aux of your DVD recorder and connect the TV output of your Cable box to the TV. This should work in most cases, however there is a drawback in that as the Lite-On does not output RGB over its Aux socket, the picture will not be as crisp as with a Scart from its TV-output. In this scanerio (if it works), the Cable will show if the cable box is switched on and the DVD Recorder will show if the Cable box is in Aux or standby. Unfortunately you may not be able to see OSD info on the Lite-On while recording from cable (when both boxes are on). We use this setup for connecting our VCR with our satellite receiver to the TV (which has only one Scart). While we can display the OSD on the VCR while recording from Satellite, this gets backfed, which means the VCR ends up recording its own OSD. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, good luck with your set up :slight_smile:

thanks, most helpful - jerry

I know this wont help in your case but the new 50x5GDL range have passthrough ability now. It has to be enabled in the setup menu to work but it feeds the signal from one scart socket to the other when recording from the tuner.