Liteon DVD Recorder LVW-5101



A few months ago I purchased the Liteon LVW 5101 so I could copy all my old VHS tapes to discs and for the most part it is doing it real well. Now I want to play around with recording from the TV. Since I have used a VCR for years I am accustomed to being able to set up the programs in advance on a daily/weekly schedule, and am still able to watch whatever programs I want during the time the VCR is taping another program. The Liteon has the capability of timer recording, but so far I have been unable to watch other channels while the recorder is recording and when it is done I have to manually turn it off. I have cable TV, no box, cable goes directly into the TV. Is there a way to program the LV5101 to record pre timed programs, and still be able to use the TV to watch other programs? Thanks Vampy :slight_smile:


I don’t know about the LVW 5101 but on my 5005, the coaxial IN and OUT are just a passthrough, without any video modulation such as a VCR (eg no channel 3 or 4 output). In this respect, the LiteON is different from the VCR (the ILO and Panasonic recorders I have experience in using are also pass throughs).

I think the only output to TV on these recorders is by the RCA and/or sVHS output to the video IN of the TV. There is only one tuner in the 5005 and as such, I could only watch the program that it is recording if I am watching the Video IN of the TV. I could of course watch other channels on the TV that is not on the Video IN by using the TV’s tuner.

The Timer function works on my 5005, but I have to turn off the 5005 in order for it to work (as on some VCRs).

If you really want to, I suppose you can buy a video modulator to turn that RCA/sVHS out into a Channel 3 or 4 on the coaxial input to your TV.


vampywitch…what type of cable goes into your t.v.(from your cable feed)Is it a threaded screw in,co-ax push in,or some other type. You’ve obviously got a cable going into your dvd recorder, how have you done this?have you got an output on your t.v.? If the cable feed connector is a co-ax type,or can be changed to co-ax push in,you should be able to just use the rf-in and rf-out on the liteon to send the signal back to the t.v.(which you can tune in separately.) As the previous poster said,on the 5005,it’s a ‘pass through’ so turning the liteon off should not alter the signal to the t.v…I have no experience of a cable feed without a box so maybe this wont work!


I just purchased a Liteon DVD Recorder LVW-5104 and yet to get it to work properly. All DVD’s I trayed up show that it is invalid. This includes prerecorded movies. It will except CD Disc and play recorded audio CD’s. Bout to return it to Radio Shack.


Took it back to Radio Shack made them unhappy but the new one works! Thanks. :bigsmile:


My Lite-On DVD recorder & player has been set up to record my programs weekly but when I see it does not record, I look and see that it has changed the dates by itself.

Also the clock runs too fast.

Can anyone help me here?



Is your unit set up to automatically adjust date/time? If so, try disabling that feature via the Setup menu to see if things improve. The time signal that’s broadcast by some stations, which the Lite-On uses to set itself, isn’t always correct.