** Liteon DVD Recorder LVW-4045 Tv Tuning Problem **



i am new to this forum, and would really appreciate a bit of help.

i had a Liteon hdd dvd recorder (lvw4045) for christmas. I have telewest digital, and as i keep going to tune in the digital channels on the settings menu on the dvd recorder, it only scans the one tv channel that i would be watching.

firstly, is it actually possible to scan in all my digital channels onto my dvd recorder?

also, would it be possible to record one digital channel that i have tuned in, whilst watching another?

if these are possible, then i would GREATLY appreciate someone to help me to set up my box and recorder so this works. even if it is by email i would appreciate it. my email is mtipper@hotmail.com

Many thanks and happy new year.