LiteOn DVD Recorder choice

Trying to decide on a new LiteOn dvd recorder from the following:


Any advice?


120 gen was pretty good, 122 gen not so much, 124 gen has been among the best Lite-on has produced.

What is the difference between different revisions of the same drive? For example iHAS124 A, iHAS124 B, iHAS124 C, iHAS124 D, iHAS124 W, iHAS124 Y?

Not 100% sure about A, B, C and D - I think they had some small hardware changes like different chipset revisions or different optical pickups, however W and Y are both based on Optiarc hardware designs - completely different to the other 4 drives.

I have an iHAS122 B and also an Asus 24B3ST (which I believe is an iHAS124 B) and I am not impressed with them. I guess I should look for a newer iHAS124 C or D as I want a drive capable of disc quality tests.

Do all iHAS124 C and D drives use MediaTek chipsets? I could get an iHAS120-04 or iHAS122-18 CU instead.