Liteon dvd player ltd163

Hi, i got a question to ask as i am not sure how to fix this issue.

I went and run the exe for the dvd player i ran the frimware GH5Y anyway it said it successfully done it but now the reader is not found by the bios. So i treid to extract it using the x-flash gui but it said it could not, i then tried to use the LITEFIRM but all that does is comes up on the screen and then disspaerars. Anyway what i would like to be able is to get a bin file of the frimware and i am not sure how to get one so i can use the mtkflash, so if anyone can wxtractt he bin the GH5Y for me and email it to would be great, as i dont know how else to extract it atm. Thanks

nevermind i fixed it sorry guys