LiteOn DVD LTD163 GH5E region free?



Been looking for a firmware update (or utility) that will region free my LiteOn drive. Been able to find a few firmware sites that have a load of firmware for the various LiteOns but not for this exact model.

Does this model go by a different name?

If not does anyone have a link to a region free firmware update for this drive?


or (same file on both links)
works from 122/163 up at least.


One of the utilities I tried. Didnt work…


For the older 163/122 drives, you must use the DOS-based utility found on digi’s page (this DOS utility should only be used for these older DVD-ROMs and NOT for newer drives, however).

You should probably also take a look at the other pages on digi’s site, as it’s a site that specializes in LiteOn DVD-ROMs and you’ll probably find it useful. Use the menu at the left to navigate his site.


Great. That worked. Thanks.