LiteON DVD LH-20A1P DVD RW and DL burn problems, please help!

Hello to all members,

During past twelve or so months I have no serious troubles with my LiteON DVD LH-20A1P. Frankly to say, I burned only “ordinary” media, branded DVD -R and DVD +R.

But, during the previous two weeks some problems occurred when trying to erase and burn some DVD+RW media (in Nero, Alcohol… etc. - there were no way to erase disc, brand media Verbatim DVD+RW 4x), and while burning some image on dual DVD +R media (I’ve tried it in Nero and ImgBurn with no success - Power Calibration Error occurred, so no process even started or there were errors on layer 2 when verifying, Ricoh media).

Changed the original firmware (replaced KL0G with KL0N), and problems remained the same (sometimes it was PCE, and latter errors when verifying in some other occasions). Also tried to burn discs in other, rather clean OS (i.e. with no virtual image tools installed, only Nero and ImgBurn) - the problems remained the same… ruined around 5 pieces of DL media. Changed speed of burning - nothing…

I’ve noticed one interesting fact that it was pretty easy to burn DVD -RW media (also brand name Verbatim).

So, what can be the problem here? Is my LiteON in process of laser-diode deterioration? Should I consider burning other media on it?

Big thanks for your kind answers,


Your problem is Alcohol. Uncheck “hide cd/dvd media”, then try to format.

Unchecked, even uninstalled Alcohol from the machine… still I can not brun onto DVD DL+R media…

Your choice of media isn’t the best (Verb 4X +RW and Ricoh DL), so before suspecting a problem with the burner try with Verbatim DL.

Also, we see Alcohol compromising many people’s Windows installations here (even after uninstalling). I would never use it myself.