Liteon DVD drives any good?

Hi guys,

My Pioneer DVD 116 player is refusing to spin up discs intermittently now, guess its time for a new DVD drive. Anyone has comments on the reliability of Liteon DVD drives ? Or how good are they in general ?

Had 2 Liteon 52X burners fail on me in 2 mths and I’m getting a little paranoid/fed up with Liteon, but my friend swears by his liteon DVD drive.


I don’t know about the other Lite-On freaks, but my 2 Lite-Ons (163D and 166S) are still running strong. It’s good in EAC, and in DVD Decrypter w/o the speed lock restriction of other DVD-ROMs.

I had the same situation a little while ago… my Pioneer sucked, so I tried a Toshiba 1612 and absolutely loved it. I ended up physically breaking the Toshiba by mistake and searched around for a better alternative in town. I ended up with the same drive and have been really happy with it.

They are quiet and fast (especially with the new hacked firmwares).

Good luck!


I have a 166S, it works great. The only complaint I have is its’ a little slow with response time…

I’m pretty complaint-free with my 163D!

Yeah heard the Toshibas are good too. Its kind of a toss up between Liteon 166S or Toshiba 1712. Esp. after they have released the RPC 1 and increased DVD video copy speed hacked firmware for the Toshi

I have both Lite-on and Toshiba DVD’s. Both work flawlessly. IMO, I think the Toshiba is just a smidge better. Cant describe it, just feels like it has just a bit more quality. You cant go wrong with either…

if einstien had a computer he would of had a lite on dvd rom they work to infinity e=mc2 i rest my case :smiley:

I believe the Liteons do DAE better than the Toshibas.

If you can, get a Toshiba 1612 instead of 1712. You can flash it to read +R(W) and it has a 512kb buffer instead of 128kb.