LiteON DVD drive inconsistent read speeds and weird burning



I got this LiteON DVD burner last year. But since new, this drive has been producing weird DVD burns. The written DVD has deeper and lighter rings alternatively. Very much like the second picture.

But the drive doesn’t fail in the writing process (except 2 cases out of 50.) and reads normally. But the read graph is very unusual.

Please refer to screenshots of the same DVD read by the LiteON iHas124 burner and an ASUS (which people say is a rebadge of the same LiteON drive in question):

Why is this happening? Is the drive corrupt?


What media are you using? The MID isn’t even displayed, so the unevenness is probably due to the drive’s burning strategy on the particular media.


I’m using Sony DVD-R and Verbatim DVD-R. This version of Nero DiscSpeed does not seem to display the MIDs. For that, I use Kprobe. The Sony MID is SONY16D1 and Verbatim are TYG03.


What happens if you use the LiteOn to read a DVD burned by the Asus?

Are you using the computer while doing the transfer rate test? The processor usage looks a little high.