I’m having problems with the CD on a liteOn DH-20a3po8c I download the firmwares, It reads the DVD but It does not read the CD.

I also try the lower filter and higher filter but nothing works.
When I go to RUN and type (regedit) it won’t open it says

the NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:00551 IP:0102… choose 'close to terminate the application.

I’m running win XP serv pack 2

Please help me !! it was working fine until Sunday I used CD-RW which I’ve never used

Thank You


the crash of regedit indicates a serious problem with either your system hardware or your Windows installation.
I doubt, the problem is with the DVD writer.

To sort this out, see if you can try the drive in another computer.


Hi Michael thanks for answer me back, even though it was working fine last couple of days? I will try putting the DVD in another computer

I even scan my computer with an anti-virus, but nothing, how come I can play DVD movies?