LiteOn DVD/CD RW Drive DDW-813S in an LVW-5005



I have a LiteOn 5005A Stand-alone DVD Recorder that uses the above model drive unit. I was burning an audio CD when the thing went quiet. It now refuses to recognize any kind of CD - audio, VCD, SVCD, MP3. It does however still play and record to DVDs. I have been told that a DVD/CD drive has two lasers, one for CD and the other for DVD. Is this correct? I’m posting this problem on this forum in the hope that someone familiar with drive hardware can advise. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


No problem posting here with this question. Yes there are two lasers and it does sound like the CD laser or drive circuitry has stopped working. You could try the drive in a PC to see if it is the same, but I suspect it would be. Hopefully it’s still under warranty…


Hi gang, I have a 5005 liteon or should I say liteoff, the burner gave out, I have had a situation with this machine after about 5 months of use, out of warrenty of course, I do admit it worked well but it would not recognize a lot of DVD blank’s when I contacted the company, when they anwered the phone they said that it was the cheap blanks I used, even when I bout the ones they recommended the same thing happened, any way the burner gave up this week for good, after reading some of the other things people have done I decided to through in a different burner (LG) just a a run of the mill burner to see what would happen, well with a little fiddling around, and I mean fiddling, the burner is slightly biggger but it works, I did not change any of the software, but recording and replay seems to work, since I can’t find the origanal drive for now, this will work.


I had problems with mine:

1)refused to read recordable discs
2)tempermental opening mechanism
3)poor playback.

I tried replacing with a Liteon 48x12x10 drive, but it wouldn’t read. Then a sony (i noticed that the original drive had boards by Sony in it) - wouldn’t work at all. Then another OEM drive- froze as soon as disc started playing, then finally a PIONEER 105 drive - works perfectly, but the drive is a bit noisy with the case off (won’t fit otherwise)