LiteOn DVD burners for C1/C2 scanning?

I’ve noticed that not many people here use LiteOn dvd burners (e.g. 851s) for c1/c2 scanning.

Are there known big problems in using dvd burners (not dvd-roms or combo drives) for c1/c2 scanning?

That is, are they anywhere near consistent/reliable for cd scanning?

I need to cut down on the number of drives I have and the LiteOn CDRW is the first to go, if it can be replaced with a LiteOn DVD burner for c1/c2 scanning (in any useful manner).

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Not many of us seem to agree on this. The “issue” is that the DVD burners report very low error rates on CDR/RW. Many folks seem to be of the opinion that they are not “accurate” because of that.
I on the other hand feel that they are completely accurate, and are just extrordinary readers for CDR/RW, due to their lasers being calibrated for DVD reading. (more precise).
So the question remains, are they suitable for CDR scanning? Maybe not if you wish to predict how a CDR will read in a CD drive. But it’s all still relative, and a lousy disc will still have higher error rates than a good one. If you wish to compare results to results from CDRW drives, they are deffinitely not appropriate.

Thanks for the excellent summary (as always), rdgrimes.

That’s just what I needed to know.

I’ll try and keep my LTR-52327s too, now I just need to find a way to accomodate it in an external drive box (USB or firewire) that works without problems and red spikes with kProbe.

My current LaCie Porche design cased LTR-52327s does not work properly via Hi-Speed USB (i.e. 2.0) on my Nf3 motherboard. I get red spikes all over the place. Same drives work ok on internal IDE bus.

Ah well, time to investigate more on that USB issue…