LiteOn DVD Burner w/ 16x Dual Layer Speeds

I just recently purchased a LiteOn 1693s. As you know, it is a dual layer burner.

I just noticed in an ad today that A-Open has a dual layer model that burns up to 16x dual layer DVDs.

Does anyone know if there will be a firmware update that would enable the 1693s to 8x or 16x dual layers. Will Omnipatcher be updated along those lines as well?

Or will there be a new LiteOn model in the near future that has the 16x dual layer burn speed?

I know that speed isn’t everything, but just interested in the possibility…

Dan from Colorado

I think you read the add incorrectly. The most I have seen is 4 to 6x dual layer. I have not seen more than 4x media. I might be wrong - maybe 8x by the end of the year but media is to expensive.