Liteon dvd burner install



I have physically connected the burner in the computer, and it opens and closes, but the computer isn’t aware that the burner exists. Do I need a driver? It didn’t come with a disc or info (from newegg) If I do need a driver where should I get it?


check your jumper settings on the dvd burner itself… if it’s on the same IDE cable as another hard drive or dvd/cd-rom then you will most likely have to adjust the jumper settings.

p.s. in general i would avoid connecting it on the same IDE cable as your hard drives… i think due to speed issues.


I would first ask what kinda IDE cable pin are you using and check your jumper settings as well. Also does the BIOS see the drive in the setup?? Just cause you have power to it doesn’t mean the computer sees it the cable has to be right cable and plugged in correctly for the computer to see it. Also as NBR says keep the HDD and DVD drives separate if possible from each other. Also what kinda drive do you have you never mentioned that in your previous posting???